Beauty Bioscience R45 The Reversal Phase 4




Beauty Bioscience R45 The Reversal Phase 4What It IsThe most concentrated phase from the R45 multi-phase beauty treatment.What You Get

  • (2) .17 fl. oz. R45: The Reversal Regeneration Complex Phase 4

What It Does

  • Increasing concentrations of key ingredients to help address the look of fine wrinkles and pores for overall younger-looking skin
  • Titration Therapy mitigates the traditional side effects associated with Vitamin A products
  • Proprietary mixture of Vitamin A and peptides; formulated to help address major visible aspects of skin aging including wrinkles and pores; optimizes the epidural layers of the skin and assists with your natural cell turnover
  • Retinoid concentration in Phase 4 is 67% more concentrated than Phase 3; Phase 4 is the highest level of concentration within R45’s Titration Therapy


How to Use

  • Use at night for 2 weeks after completing Phase 3 from R45: The Reversal (sold separately).
  • Apply on clean skin.
  • Order of application: – Cleanse with a gentle cleanser. – Use a pump of A and a pump of B on Phase 1 nightly (sold separately). – Once 2 weeks have elapsed, switch over to Phase 2 and repeat process until finished with Phase 3, moving on to Phase 4 if desired.
  • After a nightly R45 application it is recommended that you moisturize with a serum and/or a non-anti-aging moisturizer.
  • Use once nightly for the time frame above.
  • Recommended for use twice yearly but can be used more often if desired.
Beauty Bioscience R45 The Reversal Phase 4


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