CHANEL LE Lift Crème 50g



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LE LIFT Crème is formulated with 94% naturally occurring ingredients, including a new star ingredient: botanical alfalfa concentrate, as efficient as retinol*, for firmer, smoother and radiant skin.


To personalise your ritual, perform the gesture that corresponds to your needs:

1. The smoothing gesture diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and re-plumps skin. Using your thumb and forefinger, perform gentle pinches along nasolabial folds (1) and the frown line (2) then smooth. Repeat 3 times.
2. The firming gesture energises skin tissue. Using the thumb and the four other fingers, perform deep pinches along the jawline (1) and on the cheeks (2). Repeat 3 times.
3. The resurfacing gesture motivates microcirculation. Using the middle fingers, perform frictions on nasolabial folds (1), the frown line (2), cheeks (3) and the forehead (4), while lifting the skin upwards prior to the gesture if necessary. Repeat 3 times.
Apply the cream day and night on face and neck, after LE LIFT Crème Yeux and LE LIFT Sérum.

CHANEL LE Lift Crème 50g


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