Clinique Smart Night Multi Dimensional Repair Trtmnt Retinol Serum 1oz




Clinique Smart Night Clinical MD Multi Dimensional Repair Treatment Retinol Serum – 1 oz


What It IsThis nighttime treatment is formulated with retinol. Helps to provide hydration.
What You Get

  • (1) 1-oz Clinique Smart Night Clinical MD Multi-Dimensional Repair Treatment Retinol Serum


What It Does

  • Formulated with retinol
  • Helps to deliver instant hydration
  • Contains a Blend of acetyl hexapeptide-8, niacinamide, sigesbeckia extract, and ascorbic acid; and a Hydrator Blend of hyaluronic acid, mango seed butter, wheat and barley extract, coffee seed oil, squalene, and vitamin E


How to Use

  • Apply pea-size amount at night. Avoid eye area.
  • Tip: For first two weeks, use every other night, then nightly. Use sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using and the week after. Do not use with other retinol products. You may experience mild redness or a warm, tingling sensation. If you experience increased discomfort when using, revert to once every other night until skin adjusts. This adjustment can take up to 4 weeks. First-time users and those with drier skin types may want to use the product every other night for more than 2 weeks to give skin additional time to adjust. For added comfort, use a mild cleanser and layer an additional moisturizer over the product. Limit sun exposure in general. Be sure to apply a sunscreen of SPF15 or higher during the day while using and one week after stopping use. Note that extreme weather conditions such as wind or cold may be more irritating, so take the proper precautions to protect your face.
Clinique Smart Night Multi Dimensional Repair Trtmnt Retinol Serum 1oz


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