RE-NUTRIV Ultimate Facial Massager



Buy RE-NUTRIV Ultimate Facial Massager online RE-NUTRIV Ultimate Facial Massager for sale

This diamond-faceted massage roller transforms the everyday ritual of skincare application into an extraordinary moment of indulgence and self-care.

Inspired by the latest trends in luxury facial treatments. Crafted from a cooling golden alloy. Designed for Re-Nutriv.

Allow the precisely angled massager to caress every contour of your face. Every aspect of its sculptural design and ergonomic shape has been carefully considered, creating an ultimate experience that massages facial muscles and visibly re-energizes skin.

Micro-circulation is instantly stimulated, reawakening skin’s youthful, healthy-looking flush.

Your Re-Nutriv serum or creme is infused into skin with every cool touch.

Your skin—now with the transformative power of Re-Nutriv skincare—glows with enviable radiance and infinite beauty.


Prepare for Pampering.
Cleanse your skin. Then, with your fingertips, apply up to two pumps of Re-Nutriv Serum or an almond-sized amount of Re-Nutriv Creme to your face, using three motions:

1) From sides of nose up and out to temple.

2) From chin up and out to temple.

3) From between brows, arching up to forehead and out to temple.

Glide the formula over your skin without working it in or allowing it to absorb too much. Then, complete the following steps with your Ultimate Facial Massager on one side of your face before switching to the other.

The Sculpting Sweeps.
There are three specific areas to massage, as described below. Roll over each area three times, then move to the next in a continuous motion, without lifting the massager from your skin.

During each movement, use pressure while rolling up and out, then almost no pressure as you gently glide back down.

4) Jawline: Start with the rollers at your chin, on either side of your jawbone. Roll along the jawline up to the ear, and glide back.

5) Cheek: Place the upper roller under your cheekbone, near the center of the face. Roll across the soft part of the cheek to the ear, and glide back.

6) Cheekbone: Place the upper roller directly on your cheekbone, near the center of the face. Roll along the cheekbone to the temple, and glide back. Be sure to curve around the eye area to avoid this delicate skin.


Visibly re-energizes skin in a moment of indulgence.

RE-NUTRIV Ultimate Facial Massager


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